Tyree Guyton

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."  Pablo Picasso

You live, you die and then you live again but forever in eternity, I’m told. Spirit law is why I live today and my work is the spiritual medicine that I need. Spirit is about seeing what’s possible when you are faced with adversity. Learning to trust the inner man that exist in all of us and becoming the alchemist of change is my mission. 

The works in this show came out of the fires that were purposely set on Heidelberg Street in 2013. As an artist, I felt my job was to take which was meant to be an act of harm and destruction and create magic!! New possibilities!! A work that demonstrates that you CANNOT kill spirit!  

I have risen to another level of consciousness where I can see the mighty hands of Yahweh (God) in everything. 

I believe that you must be the phoenix rising from the ashes. You come to see that all things can become new again because of the spirit in you. Spirit lives in all of us to animate, to move, think, do and be. 

This show is my way of creating, once again, something out of nothing but, nothing is something! I hear it, and what I hear is what I want you, the viewer, to see in this show. Spirit!" - Tyree Guyton