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Inner State Gallery is proud to present 2 solo shows this May in celebration of Detroit’s electronic music heritage. Detroit based Ron Zakrin returns for his second solo show with Rhythm Generation and Italian artist 2501 will present Processi Generativi. 

Both artists share a passion for electronic music and each collection of work will represent their visual interpretations of the music genre. 

Opening Friday, May 27th Detroit artist Ron Zakrin returns to Inner State Gallery with an entirely new body of work entitled Rhythm Generation. This latest body of work centers around the influence of technology on human behavior, creativity, and expression. Pulling direct influence from his tenure as a seasoned painter, musician and producer, Zakrin’s latest collection moves viewers visually in the same way that the hypnotic sounds of electronic music move crowds of dancing bodies. 

“This exhibition looks to both the recent past -- how technical advances in the music industry shaped a generation -- and to the near future for motifs and possible outcomes due to developments in artificial intelligence. This expansive body of work tells a story of adaptation and the integration of technology,” Zakrin said from his studio in Detroit’s Eastern Market. 

Zakrin’s second solo exhibition at the internationally recognized gallery will feature paintings that effortlessly blend his personal interests and influences ranging from Japanese culture to science fiction to electronic music. Historical paintings influenced by legendary underground dance parties from the 1990's capture frozen moments in time that would lead to a global movement that changed popular music forever.

“The exhibition’s title Rhythm Generation refers to the signal output of a drum machine, a familiar piece of equipment in my studio, which is heavily featured in the show. It is also a reference to the generation/s that have come to embrace a musical landscape laden with a rhythm that induces a physical reaction,” Zakrin continued. 

This exhibition is free and open to the public. Join us for the artist reception from 7-10pm on Friday May, 27th. 

To join the advanced collector preview email info@innerstategallery.com


This May, Detroit’s trendsetting Movement Electronic Music Festival artners with 1xRU to bring Italian artist 250o Detroit for a full-fledged visual takeover of Hart Plaza during Movement’s 10th Anniversary. In addition, 2501 will showcase an entirely new body of work in a solo exhibition Processi Generativi at Inner State Gallerpening May 27th.

Celebrating 10 years of pioneering electronic music and the visual artwork that it inspires, Paxahau and 1xRUN have partnered to bring their first international artist to Detroit as part of their collaborative Artist In Residency program. This Memorial Day Weekend, 2501 will descend on Hart Plaza ith an immersive installation hat seamlessly mirrors electronic music, as a human interface brings life to the rhythmic syncopation of a repeated robotic beat.

“This installation and body of work has developed through a progressive series of actions. My concept of painting is based on the continuity of experience, on flow rather than stillness, and it is for this reason that I am not going to show you a sequence of static, motionless slides, but something moving. Pictures and art pieces are static and indoor but they tell a story in motion and they are the result from outdoor processes,” 2501 said from his studio in Milan, Italy.

After visiting Detroit in 2015 for 1xRUN’s Murals In The Market festival, 2501 returns to unveil his latest incarnation of “La Macchin” at the world’s premiere electronic music festival. Working with Italian media company Recipient.cc, 2501 will showcase his signature style with large scale participatory public works strategically placed throughout the festival grounds.

“Part of the Movement experience is the ability to connect its audience with the music through various channels of art and technology. We’re very excited to partner with 1xRUN showcase 2501’s live exploration of these elements throughout Hart Plaza,” Paxahau President Jason Huvaere said from his Corktown studio.

2501 will be available for interviews from May 16th-31st, 2016. For scheduling and details please contact Roula David at roula@1xrun.com or 313-744-6506.

Check out the Movement Line Up and find ticketing info at http://movement.us/ and RSVP to

2501’ exhibition at Inner State Gallery here - facebook

More info can be found by visiting @never2501 @movementdetroit @1xrun

Inner State Gallery Presents Damaged Goods by Luke Chueh
Interactive + Unique Exhibition By Californian Lowbrow Legend


Click to Preview the Online Gallery

Inner State Gallery is proud to announce Damaged Goods an expansive exhibition by prolific new contemporary multi-media artist Luke Chueh. This entirely new body of work will feature a gallery wide takeover, opening to the public on Friday, April 22nd in Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market. After working with Inner State Gallery’s fine art publisher 1xRUN since their inception in 2011, Chueh has watched the company become one of the contemporary art world’s most prolific, with nearly 1500 releases and counting.

“For many years, I've had the pleasure of working with 1xRUN, and I've seen them grow and diversify. For this show, I want to create an exhibition that I could only pull off with Inner State & 1xRUN. In order to do that I took full advantage of the tools and technology that they have in their on site studio. From silkscreen reproduction, to hand-embellished prints, to laser cut editions, this show will truly push the boundary of the kind of artwork I've created and explore the merging of art and commerce,” Chueh said while working in from his Los Angeles studios.

For the last 20 years, Chueh has remained a fixture of the contemporary art movement, straddling the line between fine art, lowbrow, limited edition vinyl toys and fine art prints engaging each segment with an equally devoted fanbase. In addition to creating accessible works for collectors of all price points, Damaged Goods will also feature 15 of Chueh’s signature paintings and characters.

“As a working artist, I'm constantly dividing my time between the development of my studio art and the production of various products inspired by that artwork. I'm always searching for ways to re-interpret the stories and characters in my paintings and take advantage of collector trends, whether it be limited edition prints, or art toys,” Chueh said.

Damaged Goods promises to be a show for the ages with over a dozen new paintings, hand-painting multiples, prints, toys and more. Please join us from 6-9pm on April 22nd for an artist reception. This event is free and open to the public.

For additional information to join the collector preview please email info@innerstategallery.com

1xRUN Presents Trust The Shooter™ - Detroit
A Group Photography Exhibition Curated by Jeremy Deputat & Rick Williams

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1xRUN is proud to present Trust The Shooter™ opening March 4th at Inner State Gallery in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market. Curated by Detroit photographers Jeremy Deputat and Rick Williams, this exhibition examines a global pedigree of contemporary urban photography.  As the visual world has expanded, these skilled shooters continue to separate themselves, spearheading a global movement with a unique point of view and imagery captured through the lens of a seasoned photographer.

“This unique and raw exhibition explores modern photography through the lens of the world's most active and creative shooters. Trust The Shooter™ photographers are not only shooting every day, but they have refined their craft through instantaneous feedback from a global network of the world’s most discerning photographers and fans,” Deputat said.

The visual artists include Brian Willette, Camera Jesus, Cole Younger, Insighting, Jason Peterson, Jayscale, Jeremy Deputat, Pete Williams, Misshattan, Rick Williams, Ta-ku, Steve Sweatpants & Van Styles. Each photographer will show a single 20x30 inch print, and a signed & numbered edition of 10 will be available at the exhibition, as well as online at www.1xrun.com

Curated from the tight-knit Trust The Shooter™ movement, these 13 photographers will transport viewers around the globe with beautiful imagery that captures the ever-changing world around us. While others may pass by without noticing their surroundings, the Trust The Shooter™ photographer captures these unseen moments with an unwavering eye for detail.

“These photographers have developed massive followings through years of some of the most creative and groundbreaking street photography. The collective reach of these shooters stretches to millions of fans worldwide,” Williams said. Taking risks and pushing beyond the norm is a core motivation for this crew and this exhibition will transport the viewer across the globe with these breathtaking photographs.

In addition to the exhibition, Inner State gallery will host a Q&A, moderated by Rick Williams, with Havas Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson and commercial  photographer Jeremy Deputat from 5pm-7pm preceding the exhibition on March 4th.

For more information about the featured photographers and exhibition details, stay tuned to www.trusttheshooter.com To request an advanced preview or the exhibition catalog, please email info@innerstategallery.com.

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