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Inner State Gallery is proud to announce three unique solo exhibitions at the 14th annual Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach including Detroit’s Tyree Guyton, Washington D.C.’s Naturel and Los Angeles’ Ryan McCann.

The prestigious Scope Art Fair takes place in the heart of Miami Beach and since it’s inception has proved to be the place to see the world’s leading contemporary artists and galleries. A monumental pavilion will welcome nearly 40,000 visitors over the course of six days. Showcasing more than 100 of the world’s best contemporary galleries, thousands of artists will unveil new groundbreaking work during the largest art festival in the country.

1xRUN & Inner State Gallery Present Remix by Above

An Entirely New Body Of Work From The Prolific International Street Artist

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Opening to the public Friday, November 21st from 7-10pm, Inner State Gallery is proud to welcome London-based street artist Above. Created over a 2 month residency at Inner State Gallery’s expansive studio in Detroit, Remix is an entirely new body of work from the internationally recognized public art advocate.

The exhibition introduces a brand new body of work highlighting Above’s iconic arrow that has appeared prominently in a massive public art campaign spanning 15+ year, 100+ cities and 60+ different countries across the globe. Attacking the exhibition like a deejay produces a live set, Above has meticulously dissected and reassembled his latest collection of arrow and targets by creating multiple color palettes and weaving them together to create new seamless works.

“Similar to how a DJ takes a sample of a Motown song and remixes it with a hip hop beat to create a new feeling and sound, my intention for Remix is to take the straight structure of the arrow and remix it with curvaceous wood cuts and contrasting color combinations, all while maintaining the uniformed integrity of the line,” Above said while working in at the Inner State gallery studio space in Detroit’s Eastern Market. “My process for these works puts an emphasis on interchanging methodically cut wood in an organized, curved composition while keeping the iconic arrow structure at the forefront.”

Above has traveled extensively throughout his career working across different mediums and constantly getting his message out to the masses with pioneering viral video footage of his public installations to reach well beyond any given city. This rigorous travel schedule hasn't left much room for gallery exhibitions as it has been nearly a 2 years since his last international solo exhibition, and 5 years since his last US solo exhibition. With this collection Above has strategically returned to Detroit, a city he first visited 10 years ago and one that continues to inspire him with a rich history and continually evolving landscape.

“Detroit historically encompasses many aspects of the definition of Remix. My first time visiting Detroit was in 2004, and a decade later I’ve noticed a large remix of the city, both positive, and negative. Detroit has style and a raw uncensored energy, there is no doubt about that. To debut this new style of work here in Detroit feels like a perfect fit. Detroit, as well as this body of work, are both growing and expanding into new dynamic directions,” Above said.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. The welcoming artist reception will begin Friday November 21st at 7pm and will end at 10pm.  The exhibition will be on view in its entirety from November 21st - December 26th 2014.

About Above:
Above is an international street artist who has deliberately chosen to keep his identity concealed. He was born in California in 1981 and has been creating public art since 1995. Above is known for his multi-layer, full color social and political stencils, spinning wooden arrow-shaped kinetic art installations, and large text-based painted murals. Above's artworks regardless of medium usually have a strong message or awareness about social, political or international current events. Above began painting ABOVE on freight trains in California in 1995. At the age of 19, Above moved to Paris, France, where he started painting his trademark arrow icon pointing 'above'. Since 2001, Above has self-financed annual tours around the world, with each tour exploring a new part of the globe and often a new medium or style of artwork. During the past 16 years Above has painted artworks in the streets of 100+ cities in 60+ different countries around the world.

"I first encountered ABOVE’s art on the streets of Paris in early 2003. His large-scale trademark arrows were painted on roll down gates, trucks and storefronts with impressive coverage throughout the city. ABOVE is extraordinarily driven. To paraphrase Radiohead, “ambition can make you look pretty ugly,” but in ABOVE’s case, his ambition makes the streets look very engaging. I am very impressed by ABOVE’s diligence, but after I got to know him and his artwork more, I began to realize that his output is not evidence of selfish ego, but of a lust for life, a utopian life, where his generosity, and curiosity, and his pursuit of creativity and social-consciousness have led him around the world making more friends than enemies.

ABOVE made the time to act as tour guide for me and my wife and our two young daughters in a city he knows well and we didn’t. The gesture made me greatly value ABOVE’s friendship and reinforced my belief that what you give is what you get. The Karma Police are not coming for ABOVE even if the police vandal squad is."

---Shepard FaireyLos Angeles, California

About Inner State:
Inner State Gallery is Detroit’s premier art gallery for established and emerging artists, from Detroit and across the globe.  Relocating to Eastern Market in 2013, Inner State Gallery has exhibited the work of local artists Glenn Barr, Camilo Pardo and Tyree Guyton as well as international street artists Nychos, Askew, Ben Frost and Meggs. The 10,000 square foot building is home to two exhibition spaces, an artist residency program, a print studio and the gallery's publishing company 1xRUN.

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