1xRUN Presents The Weird At Inner State Gallery
International Art Collective Invades Detroit for a Group Exhibition & Mural Campaign

Hailing from throughout Germany and Austria the collective internationally known asThe Weirdwill open their first group exhibition in the United States onSaturday, June 29that Detroit’s Inner State Gallery. An artist lecture will take place from 5-6pm with an artists reception to follow. This show is free and open to the public and will be on display through July 14th.


Each member of the international mural and illustration collective -- CONE, DXTR, FRAU ISA, HERR VON BIAS, LOW BROS, NYCHOS, LOOK, VIDAM and ROOKIE -- focus their work on high quality character design created in unique yet recognizable styles. In addition to street art and graffiti murals, they work as gallery artists, professors, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers throughout Europe.

Showcasing a sharp, vibrant and aggressive palette with both gallery and street work, the collective has painted murals throughout the world and have worked for high profile clients spanning Converse to Red Bull. Their first group show in Berlin in 2012 was hailed a huge success and the collective has been featured in publications throughout the US and Europe including Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose and Amateur Magazine.

“When we began working together had known each other for quite a long time, we’re all kind of comic book based illustrators. The old Tales from the Crypt, things like that are where we find a lot of symbols and influences and we pull them into our work in a very modern way,” Vienna based artist Nychos said of the group. “We have a very wide range from the more graphic and very clean, to the more painterly and classically trained style of painting.”

While staying in Detroit for more than a month finalizing his show, Nychos has been immersed in Detroit culture.  Now with six members of The Weird now in Detroit you can expect to see a changing landscape of new murals in Eastern Market as the crew embarks on a public mural campaign.

This group exhibition will include new work from all 10 members of the collective and features a wide array of original artwork as well as paper and screen prints produced by Inner State Gallery’s parent company 1xRUN

The Weird:
CONE (Munich) -
DXTR (Düsseldorf) -
FRAU ISA (Vienna) -
HERR VON BIAS (Berlin) -
NERD & QBRK are LOW BROS (Hamburg/Berlin) -
NYCHOS (Vienna//Austria) -
ROOKIE (Dresden/Münster) -

For a Preview or media inquiries please contact  or call 313-744-6505